Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

Yes, I know, usually these posts are done either New Years Eve or New Years
Day. Well I got sidetracked on New Years Eve by an article I read, and yesterday was sheer MADNESS!!! (S) was absolutely wild. We were asked to take her to the airport to say goodbye to a relative that was going away and that went ok, but afterwards she was wild. A little girl from up the street came to play with her and that helped, but then we had two of them being wild (in other words acting like little girls.)

As I start the New Year, I can't help but look back over last year and smile. (S) had only been with us 2 weeks on New Years last year and we had no idea what was going to happen. Since she was our first and we didn't even have our license yet, it was all very overwhelming. Over the year though we have learned a lot and so has (S). Considering she was only 2 and spoke very few words and now you can't get her to be quiet, she has certainly come a long way.

We would like to take some credit for it, but quite frankly, she is really smart. She watches every move we make and listens to everything we say and remembers as well as understands everything. That is good, but it is also bad.

I am in hopes we learn as much over the next year. We know that (S) is on track to be leaving us soon to go back to live with mom and dad, and we will learn how we will deal with that. We have certainly grown to love her as we love our own children and when she leaves, we will certainly worry about her. We live in a rather small community and are hopeful her family stays in the area so we might see her once in a while, but who knows.

We have taken some classes over the last year and they have been helpful, but it seems that no matter what the topic is, it is always a little different than what we are dealing with. Over this next year we need to learn more to make sure whatever child finds their way to our house next, we kn0w even more to help them.

I have certainly found all the blogs listed on the side of the page helpful. I knew there were a lot of great people out there doing foster care, but I didn't know how to use that resource. Now that I do, I expect to learn a lot that way. And I thank all of you who have offered your advice and opinions.

The New Year wil certainly bring on some challenges but my lovely wife and I have rang in 37 New Years together and every year is a little differnet and an education. 2008 may have been the most educational and I see 2009 as surpassing it. Foster parenting has certianly opened our eyes. We know they will open even wider this year.......and we can't wait!

We wish all of you a Happy Healthy and Blessed New Year


  1. wanting to wish you a very healthy 2009...

    foster blogging has been just a blessing for me I can read and learn and talk to others in the same boat that "GET IT"

    Its hard and most of my REAL life friends just dont understand....

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the tip about Least Heat Moon's new book...I've placed it on my Amazon wishlist!

    Happy new year...I hope the transition to a new foster child goes smoothly for you and that your goodbye to S isn't too painful for you or for her...what a difficult thing for you all.