Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today we caught snowflakes on our tongue!

(S) still keeps asking about when she is going to mommy's house. I think she knows that something is wrong and is not very happy about it. We tried to keep her mind off of it by doing other things with her. I read her "Green Eggs and Ham" for the first time. She liked that.

We also made believe we were making blueberry cake with her kitchen toys. We watched a little TV, but every time she asks for something and we say no, she runs out of the room crying. On a couple of occasions she has started hitting herself.

We hate to see that but we don't want her to think that behavior will result in getting what she wants. We know this is not unusual behavior for a child in her situation but none the less it is very disheartening.

Tomorrow we are hoping we will get some good news for her and she will get to visit with mom. I know she wants to see her, and I know mom wants to see her little girl. There is no doubt in our mind that they love each other and mom and dad are certainly trying. Mom left a mesage on our voice mail saying "they ain't done nothin wrong". I certainly hope that is correct. They are not the most intelligent people in the owrld, but that does not mean they are not capable of being good and loving parents.

In any event......we caught snowflakes on our tongue today and that was special.

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