Thursday, January 8, 2009


(S) visited with her mom last Saturday, Monday and yesterday. Things seemed to be going well. Then this morning her case worker calls and says "PLEASE Tell me (S) is with you?!

Well she was at day care, but that was ok. We were then told that all visits were now on hold. That (S) would not be going to visit tomorrow or Saturday as previously scheduled. Tomorrow there was also a special session with both (S) and her mom and a therapist and that is to be cancelled.

Her case worker said we may have to testify in court, although I am not sure what for. She also asked if we were prepared to be in this for "the long haul" Since she has already been here for 13 months, and we were going to miss her terribly, that was a no brainer.

Now, am I a bad person for having some good feelings about this. Ultimately what is best is for the family to be together. For some reason the case worker has concerns about the safety of the children. We certainly want (S) to be safe. ........but safe with us would suit us better. I feel a little guilty about that. This is not supposed to be about me, it is supposed to be about (S). Am I being narcissistic? I hope not.

Our trip may not occur, or we may bring (S) with us. I was prepared (I thought) when we started doing foster care for it would be an up when we got a foster child and most likely a down when they left. This is far from a set of stairs though. This is more like being on Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey, and I hate roller coasters.

There is a family meeting next week, and I am sure we will learn more there if not earlier. Right now we are a little in the dark. Not sure what caused the call we got today. I will keep you all updated on what happens as we move forward.

By the way, (S) and I made snow angels today in the front yard. I hadn't done that in years. It is still a great time, and I think we both had a blast!


  1. This is the side thar really makes me mad! I mean we deal and live with these kids yet get told nothing?!?!?! Or they tell you in there own good time!!!

    I do wonder if they have the kids best intrests in mind sometimes!!!

    Foster care is a NEVER ending roller coaster!

  2. My guess is mom threatened to take her and run.

  3. No, you are not bad for wanting her to stay, you are human! And it's wonderful that you love and care about her so much that you are willing to commit to her for however long she needs you. Foster Care is a roller coaster, unfortunately.