Monday, January 26, 2009

Enough of This Llama Drama


So today was supposed to be a visit. They have gone back to being supervised and only twice a week for two hours each visit. We were within an hour of going to the visit when the call came. No visit today. The call came from the visit supervisor, not the case worker. She just said that there was a little problem today.

Later I got a call from the case worker. She said that now all visits and telephone calls were going to cease until after the next court date. That is next Monday. I asked the case worker what had happened and she said that Dad had done something he shouldn't have done and was in the hospital. She also said that both Mom and Dad were not very stable right now and they didn't think they should be having any contact with the children until they go before the judge and he makes a determination. (I'm not sure what kind of a determination)

Remember.....we are still in reunification though and we can't take her away for three weeks.

But I digress. Thankfully we hadn't said anything to (S) about a visit today so she didn't know she was missing anything. It has been a while since she really asked for her mom and at the last supervised visit last week the case worker says that she paid no attention to dad, little attention to mom and spent most of the time playing with her brothers.

Oh by the way......The case worker also told us that we should keep our eyes open and if mom or dad should show up on the street or at the house, we should dial 911. The only problem is she didn't tell us what to tell them......Hey, I didn't bargain for this when I got involved in foster care. I guess I figured in most cases there was not a problem with parents. I don't know if that is the reality, but certainly in this case it isn't. These parents really don't have a clue. At every turn something new comes up.

Wednesday is the day our case worker comes to visit and see how (S) is doing. I am sure we will get more information then. I also hope we will hear something from the GAL and that it is positive. My son has been doing some research about what is available in Birmingham that (S) would like. We are all excited about the potential of the trip but we don't want to get our hopes up too high knowing that the drama is...........

to be continued

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  1. Unfortunately, it sounds like this drama could go on for a looong time...I don't see any reason for her not to be able to go away for 3 weeks. No doubt all the drama will be right there waiting for you all when you get back. So frustrating!