Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Ear Infections and Dad is Leaving Town

It has been another one of those days......(S) was up most of last night. At one point she was so hot you could feel the heat coming off of her. We debated taking her to the emergency room but figured we were better off just waiting a couple of hours and taking her to the Dr's office. She has two ear infections and is now taking an antibiotic. We are hopeful she will feel better soon. She wasn't hungry tonight and didn't eat any dinner and now she fell asleep on the chair in the den. She looks so peacful sleeping in the chair.

So, that is the two ear infections....now onto Dad.

Tonight was phone call night to mom and dad, although the last two times dad was not available. First he was in jail and second he was in the psychiatric hospital........Mom didn't answer the phone but then called back. She said that Dad was leaving the state because she "weren't gonna lose her kids cause of him".

There are 5 siblings 4 are boys and then (S). They range in age from 12 to 3. This woman is not well. She has had multiple medical conditions and is constantly at the hospital or on some medication the keeps her from driving....In other words, we dont see any way she will be able to care for the 5 kids herself.

At firrst blush we think that the dad leaving is just a ploy so maybe she can get the kids back and then she will leave the state and join him and our state will have nothing to say about them anymore. I think the case worker and others at the DHHS are just as capable of seeing that but it will really become up to a judge to make that determination and you never know what they are going to say.

We again feel like everything is up in the air. That hasn't stopped us from making plans now though for (S) to be flower girl at the wedding......Oh I don't think I mentioned that here before.

(K) is getting married in June. We originally thought that (S) wouldn't be here, but now that we think she will be here (K) wants her to be her flower girl. As a result, we are headed to a David's Bridal this weekend to get her a "bootful" dress to wear.

We spoke to the case worker today and she told us we would have an answer about the trip on Thursday. I just wish we knew better how dad leaving town will affect everything, if at all. We were under the impression that initially the problem was with both of them not just the dad and of course, we get so little information about what happened to begin with. I guess we really don't have a "need" to know, but you would think they would be a little more transparent with how they operate instead of making themselves out to be some underground fraternity with secret handshakes and special code words.

I would be remiss if I made no mention of today's historic events. During his inaugural speech President Obama talked about the spirit of service. Foster parenting is one of the choices I make to serve and many of you reading this blog have also chosen that way to serve our nation and since no one says it enough, I say to all of you....Thank you for what you do.

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