Friday, February 10, 2012

Going Away


I start my vacation after work today. We don't leave until Tuesday morning, but we are certainly looking forward to our trip. We will be off to Florida for 5 days, then onto a cruise ship and sailing around the Caribbean for 8 days.

I know DW and I will have a wonderful time. I am guessing that Shy is going to have the time of her life! I certainly hope so anyway. I don't see how she won't have a blast. They have all sorts of things for kids to do. There will be all kinds of kids her age to do it with. There is all kinds of food to eat. You can eat food any time you want. You can serve yourself Ice Cream anytime you want.

What child wouldn't like all of that!!!

We just can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees the cruise ship for the first time. They are so big and for a child her size they have to be quite a sight. Especially when one has never been on anything bigger than the ferry that runs from Woods Hole to Martha's Wineyard.

Now, don't get me wrong, that is not a small ferry, but it is nowhere near the size of "Navigator of the Seas" which on which we will be embarking a week from tomorrow!!

So, I may try to get on here and do a little blogging either before the cruise or during the cruise, but if you don't hear from me, just know that DW, Shy, and I are having a wonderful time!!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

Well, the Girl Scout Cookies are in, and yesterday we had almost 100 boxes at our house. No, we didn't buy them all, just 10 boxes. The other were bought by family, friend, and co-workers. Now the job of delivering them to the people who ordered them and collecting the money begins. It is certainly a big task, and since we are going away on Tuesday, it is a task we would like to have completed by Monday.

I am not sure that is possible, but we are going to give it our best! Shy went ahead and started delivering as soon as she got home form school yesterday. She also started eating. She had 2 of the Peanut Butter Patties. I find that very disappointing. They are my favorites. On the other hand, DW likes the Shortbread cookies. I wish Shy would find those to be the ones she liked the most!

If her sales are any indication, the Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, and Caramel De-Lites are the three biggest sellers. I also like the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies myself. I think everyone probably has a Girl Scout Cookie they like.

I wonder. Is there anyone who has never had a Girl Scout Cookie? I would find that so hard to believe. This time of year they are ever present in the Northeast. They have booths set up at malls and stores all over the area. They also have girls selling to friends relatives and neighbors. I think it may be one of the most widely marketed items in the country.

I guess I would have to ask this question. Is there anyone out there who has never had a Girl Scout Cookie? If you haven't, why not?

Just Curious?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When I was in first grade, I don't ever remember having homework. As a matter of fact, I don't think we started homework until closer to third or fourth grade. I really don't remember exactly, but I do know there was no homework in first grade.

That is not the case with Shy. She comes home from school with homework almost every night. Now it isn't time consuming homework as it usually only takes a few minutes to complete. She may have a math paper to do, or a small book to read to us. She is not crazy about the math but she certainly enjoys reading to us, and we love when she does that. For some reason it is much more enjoyable to have her read to us, then for us to read to her. I think it is that pride thing going on as to how well she can read and how much progress she has made this year in reading and writing.

For the last few weeks they have started with spelling words, and they spend a lot of time with it. The children actually get to pick out their own words each week. Yesterday Shyanne came home with cinnamon in her word list. Certainly not an easy word to even pronounce for some people, let alone spell. (Have you ever heard Emeril say it?)

So last night we started quizzing her on her words for this week. It was her first night with these words, so we certainly didn't expect her to know them all. When we saw cinnamon on her list we were quite frankly astounded, and expected that to be a difficult one for her.

So we worked with her on her spelling words for about 10 minutes. She got most of them and was able to get cinnamon only right after she looked at it carefully. No big deal. She had all week, and even if she was only close, that was fine.

I just got a text message from DW. It read:

"Shy cracks me up. She wanted an apple with cinnamon and then
she says, "by the way cinnamon C-I-N-N-A-M-O-N." with a big
grin on her face."

No big deal in the overall scheme of things, but just another one of those small but noticeable milestones in the growth of a child that if you blink, you might miss. I don't want to miss any of those. They are truly what raising a child is all about.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Excitement?? Or Something Else?

Apparently Shy has heard way too much about our pending trip to Florida and the ensuing cruise to the Caribbean.

yesterday we were in the car on the way to Sunday School and DW and I were talking about the trip and how excited we were getting since it was only 9 days until we fly to Florida. So, naturally I asked Shy if she too was excited.

Her response was "not really"

WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT REALLY!!!!!???? I didn't actually shout or even say that, but I was certainly thinking it! I couldn't believe with all the talk Linda and I have been giving it over the past month or two that she wouldn't be real excited about it.

It was just that talk though that was making her less excited, as when I asked why she wasn't so excited she responded with:

"You and Mommy have told me all about it already, so I know all about it.

Now to me, it is the knowing about it that makes it exciting. Knowing what I am going to do in Florida and how much we are all going to enjoy the cruise. That is what makes it exciting and that is what I am so looking forward to.

To Shy however, apparently excitement is only about something that you don't know about. Once you know about it, I guess it is no longer exciting. I am not sure I get that, and maybe she is confusing excitement with something else, but I certainly don't know what.

What I do know is that once she gets on that ship and has the chance to do all the things they have for kids, I am sure she won't be able to wait until the next cruise and will probably want to go right back on a ship as soon as possible.

At least I hope she likes it as much as DW and I do.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


We were eating dinner yesterday and as usual, we all went through our day. We always share our day on school days when we are all at separate places over the course of the day. DW always goes first. I always go second, and Shy always goes third.

After that was complete, Shy went over to DW to tell her a secret. I had trouble hearing what she was saying as she was being very quiet. So quiet in fact that even DW had trouble hearing her.

After she was done telling DW what she had to say, she told DW to tell me. I am not sure why she wouldn't just tell us both when she wanted us both to know, but I guess she felt more comfortable that way.

So....what was the secret?

It seems a girlfriend of hers (Kelly) advised her that a boy in their class (Dominic) had told Kelly that he had a crush on Shyanne!!!!

Do you recall that they are only in first grade!!!!!! This is amazing to me.

So why did she tell her mother and then tell her mother to tell me. why didn't she just tell us both together. Was it really that she was just more comfortable that way? Or did she suspect that her daddy might get a little jealous? Or was she worried her dad might get upset? If so, why did she immediately tell her mother to tell me. She certainly wanted me to know. Was she embarrassed that a little boy liked her?

I don't know. How early does the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" whole thing start. Is it really 1st grade? I think maybe. In any event, I am so glad she is fitting in, but if any of you have any advice, I am more than happy to listen.