Monday, January 5, 2009

What is a Persons Real Impact?

"........A person's real impact on this world is not measured by gross income or collegiate degrees. It is instead revealed by the courage of their moral conviction and human lives they touch. I choose to be the latter."

I wish I could take credit for writing those words, but I can't. Those words come from a 17 year old boy in foster care by the name of Alex. His story is really a remarkable one and it is always nice to see good stories about foster care and foster parents and foster children. All too often the news is not good.

I flew to Florida today and had to go through Detroit. I came across the article by Jeff Seidel about this boy and managed to find it on the web. Instead of trying to rewrite a good story, you can and should read the story by Mr Seidel at this link:

So yesterday I was sledding with (S) in the front yard, and today I am in Florida wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I just wish I could enjoy it. I am only here for two days on business. It sure is nice though.

Getting back to the original question. What is a persons real impact? What has been my impact? What has been your impact? That, I think is only a question each of us can answer for ourselves. I am going to make that something I will spend more time thinking about. Maybe by focusing on it, I will make a positive impact and leave this world a little better off. Maybe you?

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