Friday, January 30, 2009

Dora Wasn't Doing Well Tonight

(K) told (S) that if she stayed in her bed all night then she would get her some big girl panties. ( I am not sure what one thing had to do with the other but that is our (K)), Tonight (K) came over to bring her the big girl panties she had earned. (S) was so excited because they were Dora panties. She had to put them on right away. So off came the pull-ups, she went to the potty and then she put on her Dora panties.

We ate dinner and then made (S) go to the potty. Then we did some other things and made her go to the potty again. It wasn't too long after that we smelled that familiar aroma we were hoping we wouldn't smell. DW asked (S) how Dora was doing. "Not too well" was the response. When asked why she pooped she said "I don't know". That has been the problem from the star of trying to toilet train. She will make the number 1 in the toilet, but not number 2.

One day we know it will come together for her, but until then it is very frustrating. Not only for us, but I think it is for her as well. We had a problem with our son (B), but our daughters were very quick to toilet train. As a matter of fact, (K) we didn't even get started on. One day she just started using the toilet. Hopefully that one day will come for (S) real soon.


  1. There are some pretty cute and silly potty training videos for kids on YouTube. Maybe that will help :)

    I have ZERO experience in this area except that there is a YouTube video for every occasion :)

  2. One of our kids pooped in a diaper until he was almost four. He would be dry in briefs all the time, even overnight, but when he had to go poop he would ask for his diaper. We'd put it on him and he would go. We'd change him back into briefs and it was fine.