Friday, January 9, 2009


So we had an appointment that (S) was supposed to go to with her mother today. I had called and left a message for the case worker as I didn't know if this had also been cancelled. She left us a message back that she didn't think it was a good idea to have this therapy appointment.

This morning she calls to make sure we got the message and gives us no more information other than we are not bringing (S) to her weekly regular visit tomorrow. Right after that Bio-mom calls. She sounds devestated that she is not going to be able to see her little girl today. She says that they "aint done nothing wrong" and that Bio-Dads attorney is going to file contempt charges against the case worker.

Then there is the return call to the therapist that was supposed to see (S) and her mom today to make sure she knew we wouldn't be there. We told her what we knew, but she wasn't happy. She felt that just because there may have been some setback, that was no reason to discontinue or delay therapy and that if anything there should be more therapy if needed.

So all in all what did we find out today?..............................Nothing
What are we supposed to do now?.......................................Nothing
What are they telling us?......................................................Nothing

I am really looking forward to a family meeting next Friday. If things aren't settled by then I would hope there are at least some answers then. (S) was looking forward to seeing mom today and I know she was disappointed that it didn't happen. When she gets disappointed, so do we. We really want her to be happy and sometimes it seems like everything is working against her. On the bright side, she is watching Wow Wow Wubzy and loves it! :)


  1. I am going to take a guess since I also guessed ticked off the social worker and social worker decides to be vengeful/spiteful/whatever and cancel visits for "child's well-being". Therapist is irritated because it cuts into her cashflow. But I could be transferring my own experiences onto yours. I really hope it is something that is for real instead of politics, stupidity, or jumping to conclusions. It would be a nice change.

  2. I don't understand why it all has to be such a mystery and why so many people get left in the dark. From the foster blogs I stalk, it sounds like there's a load of case workers out there with their own agenda. It's their way or the highway and little regard for the whole point of their job. That being said, I've met some true angels that are champions for the kiddos..

    Try to keep on keepin' on.. snow angels and all. :o)