Friday, January 23, 2009

Sometimes I Have a Great Idea

The supervisor at the Mystery Mansion called me back today. She says that since they are in the middle of reunification 3 weeks is too long to take (S) out of town. HUH?........... They stopped reunification and filed paperwork to begin TPR proceedings.

Oh, but the supervisor says that until there is actually a TPR order they are officially still in the process of reunification. That reunification has been court ordered and they really don't have a choice.'............. OK so then if I get the judge to say it is ok, then we will be fine?........ She says no. The judge doesn't tell us what to do. HUH?....... Is this supervisor a moron?........ The name Mystery Mansion is sounding more and more appropriate.

Well, there is nothing she can do. Her hands are tied and she is not going to allow us to take (S) out of state for 3 weeks while the reunification process is still underway........... At this point it was obvious she was going to remain obstinate and continuing the conversation was just going to cause me more grief and agravation.

So here was my great idea. I called the GAL (Guardian Ad Litem). Now he came to see (S) the day after she came to our house over 13 months ago. We have had virtually no contact with him and we haven't really needed anything from him. However, I thought that he may be able to help.

When I told him what was going on he couldn't believe that they wouldn't let (S) go. He said that he is the advocate for the children and since the caseworker is on our side and it is the supervisor that says no, he will talk with the supervisor. He said if neccesary he could also talk to the judge. I told him that the supervisor said the judge couldn't tell them what to do........he laughed.........He did not make any promises, but he did sound optimistic that he would be able to help.

We aren't making any reservations yet, but we are feeling a little better.

One item of note: During the conversation he said there was no way if he had anything to say about it that he was going to allow those kids to go back with their parents. It is still astounding to me when they were so close to getting their kids back. I don't think this whole process will ever cease to amaze me.

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  1. Sort of good news then. Maybe the GAL will be handy after all...Good luck