Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Happens Next?

We are done with the State as far as Shyanne is concerned. Her parents are not. They will receive a notification sometime in the next week or so advising them that "permanency has been achieved" for their daughter Shyanne.

These are not real intelligient people, but it would seem to me they are intelligent enough to know that since it has happened with Shyanne rather quickly that she is probably with us. We are the only family she has been with, and they met us many times through the failed reunification process. They even had our phone number so they could call and talk to Shyanne on the phone. (although she would never talk to them....or anyone else on the phone for that matter) My concern is that the bio-father will be unable to control himself when they recieve this news and will become violent.

That is the way he has been in the past. That is what got the family into the situation they are in. I have no reason to believe that he has changed his ways. While he is not a particularly well, or strong man, I am no spring chicken myself. My number one job right now is to protect Shyanne. The problem is I am not sure how to go about doing that.

We went shopping yesterday for the holidays to Target, Sams Club, the mall etc and I find myself spending more time looking at people then at merchandise. I keep scanning the corriders and aisles before we go up them. the last thing I want is for Shyanne to see her bio-parents, or for them to see her. It would not be good for her at this point.

I think I need to work a little more dilligiently about getting a job somewhere else. I am sure there are some available and if I leave the state, it will certainly make things a little easier, and I won't be quite so paranoid....?

Anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I expect to be busy with family tomorrow so I am doing my Thanksgiving post early. I hope you don't mind.

Last Thanksgiving we were looking for a decision from a judge that would finally terminate the parental rights of Shyanne's mother and father. It didn't come in time for Holiday, but it did eventually come.

We had 19 for thanksgiving last year. This year there are only going to be 10 of us. Amy, her husband and our two bonus grandchildren. Kari will be coming with her husband and our new grandson. Then it will be DW, myself, and Shyanne.

I can't tell you how thankful we will all be this year. In the last year Amy was married to a wonderful man who brought along those two bonus grandchildren who we truly adore. Kari and her husband gave us a wonderful new grandson. He is 3 months old now and is doing great. And of course, just last week Shyanne became a "forever" part of our family.

In our house we have always believed that Thanksgiving was all about family and being thankful. How much more perfect could this holiday be for us at this time. I feel truly blessed. I grew up in a wonderful home where I was always taught that family came first and am still lucky enough to have both my father and mother as well as my only sibling (an older sister) still with us. I married my high school sweetheart. We were blessed with three wonderful biological children who make us proud every day of their life. They have blessed us with three wonderful grandhildren, and as if we weren't blessed enough......

Shyanne has joined our family.

I don't know what I did to deserve to be blessed this way, but I wish I knew so I could pass it along. It is truly a wonderful feeling. More improtantly,

I love and cherish every one of them..........Life is Good!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adoption Party

Yes, we had a horse come to the party so all the children would have a chance to ride. Shyanne was a little hesitant at first, but after a while, she agreed to get on and Ithink she really loved it. We also rented a big bounce house with a slide attached. The kids loved that too.

We finished the party off with a Pinata and of course cake. It was a really good time for almost all of the kids.

Unfortunately, there was one there that didn't seem to have such a good time. It was one of Shyanne's biological brothers. Apparently he was feeling a little bit down because he has been at three different places since coming into state custody. the place he is at now is where he is going to be adopted, but the place he was at the last time was supposed to be his forever home as well. I think he just wants to be settled and know that he is at a forever home like his little sister.

The family that has him now is a truly wonderful family. I know he will thrive there and his time will come. He has been with them almost 6 months and once that time comes (the week after next) they can start their paperwork. I am hopeful they move things along quickly for him. He is a good kid and the changes he has been through have not been his fault at all.

Anyway, today was a great day. I know it is a day that Shyanne will remember for years to come, and that was the whole idea. by the way, we hemmed and hawed over what to write on the cake. We haven't been secretive about adoption, but Happy Adoption Day just didn't seem to say the whole thing. We settled for this.

It really says it all

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adoption Day!!!!!!!!!!


This is the day after (S) arrived (12/12/2007). She was a little girl who was thin and frail and hadn't really thrived in her short life...but she sure was cute and she was able to smile in spite of everything she had been through.

We truly loved her and she quickly became a part of our family She loves making cupcakes and eating them so much that we call her "Princess Cupcake"She also likes pretending she is at the beach, but even more then pretending is being there........ This is the 4th of July 2008 at Sand Beach on Mount Desert Island at Acadia National Park I insisted she be brought up right and of course that meanes routing for the best team in baseball, The Boston Red Sox!! The first birthday she celebrated with us was her third. We thought it was going to be the only birthday she celebrated with us. She had an absolutely wonderful time. She had started unsupervised visits with her family and was within a couple of months of reunification. As we now know, that never happened This is Christmas 2008. She had been with us just over a year, and was due to return to her family in just a few weeks. We didn't know how we would handle it, but we figured whatever happened was for the best. In March of 2009 they had determined that reunification was not going to work. We took a road trip across much of the eastern 1/3 of the country. This is the bat in front of the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville, Kentucky. We didn't know at this point what was going to happen with her. We also visited Dallas where there is a place called "Sprinkles" that makes cupcakes even Princess Cupcake couldn't believe!!She is lucky enough to have two older sisters who wanted her to be their flower girl. This is her on (K)s wedding day. Is she the most beautiful flower girl you have ever seen?Halloween 2009. By this time, Parental Rights had been terminated once, but there was a second hearing. Soon Parental rights would be terminated again and we would be awaiting the appeal to the state Supreme Court. At this point, we had decided that she belonged with us and we would adopt her when the time came..........It just took ages to get there Then came Christmas 2009. The final TPR had come and now there was an appeal before the State Supreme Court. We were awaiting that decision. It wouldn't come until July. The decision had been made to adopt and we were just awaiting the State Supreme Court to reach a decision. It was definitely time for a trip to Disney World. This is after we visited the Bippity Boppity Boutique where Shyanne was transformed into a Princess. This was followed by dinner in cinderellas Castle. What a great time she had! We did too!As we said, she was the most beautiful flower girl. Here she is at (A)'s wedding this past September. The first day of Kindergarden was truly a great day. She was so excited about going to school and the best part is that she still loves going to school. She loves learning, and best of all, she is doing very well
Then came today!!!! Adoption Day!!! Here are a few pictures from today. No, we weren't in court. They had a special "National Adoption Day" (a few days early) at the local Children's Museum. It was great!!!

What a wonderful day. One of the best of my life!!


and anything else you can think of.

In our county they will be celebrating National Adoption Day this coming Monday. There is a Children's Museum where the festivities will take place. There will be a few adoptions that will take place and then the children will be able to play in the museum.

How many adoptions?........I don't know

So why do I mention it?.........(S) WILL BE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right!!!!!!!!!! Monday.....this coming Monday.....November 15, 2010!!!!!

That will be our Adoption Day!!!

We got the call this afternoon. They finally got everything they needed at the court. They wanted to know if it was ok if they included us in the National Adoption Day ceremonies.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! Of Course we will be there.

One small detail. I had to tell my boss I wouldn't be in New Hampshire as expected on Monday. He is a great boss and is of course ok with that.

I will be working this weekend to get together some pictures. I can't tell you how excited we all are, but Jimmy Buffet was right, and to my beautiful little (S), I say.......

Come Monday it'll be all right
Come Monday, Ill be holding you tight


Monday, November 1, 2010

Away For the Week

This week I am in Oklahoma City. I just got to town today, and will be leaving first thing Friday morning. I know that (S) is missing me, and I am certainly missing her. We will both be fine though. She did talk to me on the phone a few times today so that is nice.

She really isnt a big phone talker so that she talked to me is really a plus. I am hoping she will continue to talk to me while I am here. I wonder when she will become a big phone talker....or is it just a big texter these days?

I remember when my older children were teenagers. The girls were always on the phone. It was one day when I was at work and couldnt get through to the house that I insisted we had to get call-waiting. At that time, it was something new and there was an extra charge for it. They also didn't have caller id. When that first came out, I didn't want that either. I saw absolutely no use in it.

Eventually I gave into that too. When I think back, there were a lot of technological advances I really didn't see a need for at the time they came out, but I wouldn't be without them now.

things like cell phones.....texting.....a phone that takes FM radio in the car (am was enough). electric windows in the car.......HD player (heck, a VHS tape player)....laptop computer.......wireless access.....I still dont have a smart phone.....I am sure there are more I can't think of right now.

Well, I certainly went off on a tangent there. Anyway, I know (S) can't read this yet, but if DW is reading, please tell (S) I miss her....oh, I miss you too!