Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today Was No Fun


(S) was miserable today. We went to run errands at the market and other stores, had lunch out, and even went to the fish store to buy some items for the aquarium. (S) was miserable all day. She has been feeling a little under the weather, but today she didn't seem sick at all, just real cranky.

She was causing scenes wherever we went. Sitting on the floor and not moving....screaming when we picked her up to get moving......crying and hitting herself in the face when she didn't get what she wanted.

What is with the hitting herself in the face? She had done it on a rare occasion, but in the last week or two it seems to occur much more frequently. It is whenever she doesn't get her way, or when we scold her for doing something she knows she shouldn't have done to begin with. I certainly hope it is just a phase and has no real meaning. I hate when I read something into her behavior that isn't there, but I just don't know.

She doesn't hurt herself or leave any marks or even make her face red, but it is still a little disconcerting to say the least. Between that, the not sleeping, and the crankiness, today has been pretty msierable. We did run into some old friends at the market who had not met (S) yet. They were great. I used to be involved with the local Little League and also with softball when my bio-girls were young, and he said he missed me on the field and was hoping that now that I had (S) I would be getting back involved with softball.......well, I guess if she is still with us when she gets to that age, and is interested in playing, I will be back involved again.

Not like the last time though. I spent my last 4 years involved as President of the Little League. I could tell you all sorts of stories about that but they all boil down to just two things.

1. The kids are wonderful and you have a blast with them and there are hundreds of great the kid who gets his first hit or scores a run, or makes one of those miraculous catches in the outfield with his/her eyes closed.

2. The parents are a pain in the butt and they think their kids are the best and they act obnoxious, and there are hundreds of absolutely appaling stories....Like the time a mother brought her boy friend to a game that her ex husband was coaching. It was a farm league game. 7-9 year olds. The boy friend and the coach got into fistacuffs on the pitching mound and the police had to be called. What a wonderful role model for the kids.....

I just hope (S) is still around and has a good time playing if she wants to.

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  1. I laughed at the hitting in the face thing. It's probably just frustration. I think I would have laughed if I saw that in person. My middle son would bang his head on the wall when he was mad (or on the floor). We would laugh and he would cry, he stopped. Then he would bang his head to make us laugh--oops!