Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deleware Senate Bill 108

There is a bill in the senate in Deleware that has been sitting around for a couple of years and going nowhere.....unfortunately. This bill is designed to help the kids who age out of the foster care system. Right now in most states at the age of 18 and after high school graduation, you are no longer eligible for the foster care system. Last year 102 children in Deleware alone aged out of the foster care sytem. Nationally the number is far more staggering.

According to an article in by Jennifer Price of the news journal and available at delewareonline.com, 10 percent of the youth that aged out of the Deleware system just last year were in prison and 7 percent were homeless.

This has to be unacceptable to us as a society. The most appaling thing about all this is that the reason Senate Bill 108 hasn't been going anywhere is because of the cost. The highest estimate is 2.1 million dollars. How much do these people think the prisoners are costing them?

There has to be some way to help the foster children that age out of the system. Do you remember what it was like when you went out on your own for the first time? Now imagine doing that without a family to call upon for support when your car breaks down, or you get laid off, or you just need a couple of bucks to pay the electric bill. Maybe your car was about to be repossesed and it would have been if it wasn't for that rich uncle who would always take care of you.

These children don't have that kind of support in most cases. If you live in Deleware call your state representative and urge passage of this law. If you live in one of the other states where there are a lot of children aging out of the system at age 18 without any support, it is time we all get to work trying to get some special assistance for these kids........

Now a quick update on (S). I spoke with mom tonight. Dad is in jail for a probation violation. Mom is home alone and is heartsick and doesn't know why she can't see her little girl or her sons. She says that there will be a court hearing and she is hopeful that everything is worked out quickly. More about this tomorrow. American Idol is on and I am hooked.

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