Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whatever happened

to those huge welcome signs to different states that have a picture of the Governor and maybe the state flag or motto? We planned on taking pictures at the entry to every state along our trip. We thought it would make for a good collection. The first state we entered was New Hampshire. The sign was so small, I am not sure it even had the whole state name on it. I was past it before I knew it. As a result, there is no New Hampshire picture. The next state we entered was Massachusetts. Apparently, their governor is a turkey. But at least the sign wasn't the size of a turkey.
The next state we entered was Connecticut. They had a sign, it was about the same size as the Massachusetts sign, but it was on the left side of the road. Since we were on the highway, we thought it would be best if we just kept going.
I want a state that has a huge Welome sign that says "Governor BillyBob is glad to welcome you to Nowheresville"! It would have a picture of some guy who looks like a used car salesman and some stupid motto like "Nowheresville, you never know when you're here!"
Maybe we will see one entering New york, New Jersey or Pennsylvania tomorrow.

We started out around noon today. We stopped about 4 times before 2:00pm. (S) was getting very upset about the sun in her eyes. We found a Walmart and got one of those screens for the window. It was a Dora one that went with her Dora movie she was watching on the DVD.

All things considered (S) did pretty well. We are now sitting in a hotel in Waterbury Cobbecticut. Tomorrow we go to ChocolateTown in Hershey, PA. (S) is very happy about that. She wants to see how chocolate is made, but apparently only if she gets to eat a lot of it afterwards.
I'm with her!!!

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