Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today we visited the McWane Center in Birmingham Alabama. (S) LOVED it. It is a museum with all sorts of hands-on stuff for children. (S) couldn't get from one place to another quick enough. It was almost humorous at some points. I couldn't get a good picture before she would move on. She was doing tire changing and working in a supermarket and flying an airplane as well as numerous other activities that were available. If you are ever in the Birmingham area with a child from age 3 to, well at least 53 as I had fun too, you have to check this place out. It is easy to find, reasonable and has parking available as well.

No, that wasn't enough. For dinner tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese. (S) had never been anyplace quite like that before and couldn't get from one game to another quick enough. The embarassing part.......anyone who has been keeping up knows that we can't count on more than a day or two without something happening...........Today it was at Chuck Es. You know that game of Ski-Ball where you roll the ball down the alley and it goes up into little holes that are worth points along the way? Well that is the way most people choose to play it. but if you want to score higher, (S) has a new way of playing. You pick up the ball, then climb up on the alley and walk to the target area where you then are able to put the ball into whatever hole you choose!!!

Anyway, tomorrow is another day in Birmingham. We are having fun with (B) and I think he is enjoying us as well although it is obvious (S) is much more fun than we are. I am not sure what the plans are, but I am sure (S) will enjoy it. She has been having so much fun. It is absolutely wonderful to see it.

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