Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sponge

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************(S) is at that age where she takes note of everything she sees and hears. Some of the things we don't even know where she hasw seen or heard them. We are guessing at least some of it is from Noggin.

Today I came home from work and she wanted me to join her for a party she had all set up. Now the set up wasn't anything spectacular so I asked her what kind of a party ot was and she said it was a "masquearade party". I am not even sure I spelled it right yet this 3 year old knew exactly what it was.

This evening she was holding the jump rope and jumping up and down. Now she wasn't jumping over the rope, she was just holding it, but while she jumped she was saying "one potato two potato three potato four" I have no idea where she got that from either.

She has been a sponge since the day she showed up here. Thankfully we have been careful about what we say around her (for the most part) and she hasn't picked up anything really bad. I remember when (A) was a little girl around (S)s age and her great grandmother was still alive and visiting. Her Great Grandma was shooing a lfy away and said "dam fly". It wasn't long before (A) was saying "dam fly".

I am hoping when we go on our trip she picks up a lot and she remembers it. I know she is excited about the trip now and can't wait to go. Neither can we.

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