Friday, March 6, 2009

On Topic and Off Topic

On Topic.

Day two. First, I have given up on the "state entering" pictures. I will have a post on just that soon, but for now I continue with our trip. Last night we stayed in Connecticut. When we arrived at the hotel and were getting out of the car an ambulence went by with it's siren blaring. (S) got very upset. She was also very upset yesterday about the sun getting in her eyes. When she first came to us she seemed to be ultra-sensitive to sights and sounds and that seems to be coming up again on this trip. I am not sure why that is, but it can be upsetting to us when there is little we can do other than to try our best to comfort her. We went to Hershey today. We visited Chocolate World and we took her on the ride through the "factory" where you learn about how they make chocolate. (S) was grasping on the DW for most of the time as she wasn't real thrilled with the whole ride. She loosened up a little bit and then saw the singing cows so that seemed to cheer her up a little bit. Afterwards she worked in their little kisses making area and got a picture ID and a factory hat. She had fun doing that too. The best part for her?.....Eating chocolate of course. She loves it. Who doesn't? I have always considered it one of the four basic food groups. You know, ice cream, cake, cookies, and chocolate!

You know if you have a chocolate ice cream cake with an oreo cookie on top that is the most healthy of all the possible food combinations because it contains all of the basic food groups....but I digress...

After Hershey we went to a great toy store in Hummelstown. Then it was to the hotel and out to dinner. Dinner tonight was at Red Robin. There aren't any of those in Maine so we had never been to one before. The burgers DW and I had were delicious. (S) was very cranky all day. She had pizza for dinner and her two favorite foods (pizza and chocolate) didn't seem to make today any better for her. I am not sure if she is feeling strange about being away from home or if she is a little overwhelmed by all the travel and new places, but in spite of being cranky and not listening a bit, she does seem to be having fun anyway so on we go. Tomorrow is on to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Off Topic

Ok, I just have to talk a little about technology. I am amazed as we continue on this trip. I was sitting in the car today and DW was talking to (K) on the cell phone about wedding preparations and (S) was in the back seat watching "Wow wow Wubzy" on the portable DVD player. I have an EZ-Pass and when we came to the toll booths I just drove right through without having to stop, and to top it all off I was listening to a little Australian woman who lives inside the Garmin GPS telling me each turn and twist I needed to take to get to our intended destination. I also knew from the time we left our hotel what time we would arrive at Chocolate World and boy was that accurate.

Now 10 years ago none of those things could have taken place. DW would be wondering if (K) had done some particular task relating to the wedding and wondering when she would have the chance to call her. While she wondered I would have her looking at a map letting me know when the next turn was and where it was and onto what road. I would ask her that about once every 10 miles or so just so I would be sure not to get lost. (of course if I got lost it would be all her fault, because like a true man, I never get lost! Shhhh please don't tell DW I said that) Anayway, about 4 miles before we hit a toll we would be wondering how much it cost and digging through pockets and the spare change sitting around in the cup holder trying to get as close to exact change as possible and during all of this (S) would have been in the back seat asking incessantly "Are we there yet"


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