Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Atlanta Mystery Mansion Making Progress?


There is an article today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Craig Schneider titled: "Report: Fulton taking better legal care of foster children" If you would like, you can read the article here:

The article talks about the progress that they have made in providing legal assistance for children in foster care. The thing is, they had to be ordered by a court in 2006 to reduce the caseload for attorneys to 80 cases each. You may or may not think that is a lot of children to be looking out for, but before the court order the number was as high as 500 in some instances.

That number is ludicrous, but not as ludicrous as the county needing to be ordered by the court to change it. Kudos to the court for looking out for the children, and shame on the Fulton County Mystery Mansion for needing a court order to do the right thing!

It is important that all of us in the foster care system keep the kids as number 1. This is especially true with a lot of stimulus money going into the foster care system in many states. Keep an eye on your local Mystery Mansion and make sure the money gets put where it is needed most to benefit the children.

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