Monday, March 9, 2009

Louisville and Nashville

Today we left Indianapolis around 9:00am. After getting stoped by a policeman in Indiana we made our way to Louisville to visit with my cousin.

OK, the speed limit was 70. Then all of a sudden it changed to 55. The policeman got me going 70 on radar. What an A%&hole. Since (S) does not have generally good experiences with policemen I told her that the officer knew we weren't sure where we were going and he was in his car writing down the directions for us........those directions are going to cost $142. Anyway....

We went to the Louisville Slugger factory and went on the tour, then went to lunch at a great restaurant at the hotel C21 and had a very nice visit with my cousin. After that it was on the road to Nashville. We checked into the hotel and then went downtown. We have pictures of (S) with 4 different Elvis' and a couple fo guitars. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then stopped for Ice Cream.

Right now (S) is fast asleep and we are relaxing. Tomorrow morning a little more time in Nashville and then off to Birmingham to see my son (B) for a few days. (S) adores him so she is looking forward to Bama.

Trips make for lots of blogging material, but for now, this is more about (S) and she is having a good time. It is very difficult on her though. To keep a 3 year old pent up in a car seat for 3 or 4 hours and then expecting her to be mellow is asking way to much. She gets out of that car and is ready to motivate. We brought her stroller and she pushed it all over Nashville. No wonder she is asleep.


  1. Nash and Bama! So fun! Seeing all the fam along the way is so nice too.

  2. Isn't that funny, when my daughter was 3 she just would not be seen IN her stroller. She had to push it all over and into everything. Must be the age.
    Hi- I was just cruising Torina's blog roll.