Thursday, March 12, 2009

101 things every child should do

In Birmingham again today. We will be here until Saturday morning. DW, (B), (S), and I went into a book store today and I came across a book in the discounted books section called "101 Things Every Child Should Do." I have to apologize to the author as I don't recall who it was.

What caught my eye were two of the items it mentioned.

Every child should feel safety, security, and love
Every child should attend a family reunion.

It made me a little depressed. (S) is doing great, but while I am sure she feels safe and secrure now, I know she hasn't always had that and as far as attending a family reunion? Well, I am hopeful that one day she will have a good family that encourages that and includes her as one of her family so that she can go to the family reunion.

Since we started foster care, it is amazing how persepctives have changed. Before I probably never would have picked up that book, and if I had, I would have wondered why some of the things in the book even needed to be said. Didn't everyone have those opportunities.

What a difference 18 months can make..................

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