Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, we found our way to indianpolis this morning in about 4.5 hours from Cleveland. (S) was good for the first half of the trip and then she slept the second half. When we finally got to the hotel with the indoor water park, she was really psyched.

We spent almost 5 hours there and the only time she was out of the water was during the times they made everyone get out for a few minutes. (I think they do that to check for bodies, but I am not sure)

She was in the water so much, her wrinkes had wrinkles. It took a bribe to get her to get out, but we were getting hungry and it was 6:30. We went to a Cracker Barrel near the hotel and then came back to get settled in for the night. It took all of about 5 minutes for her to conk out.
She is really becoming pretty independant. It is nice to see her wanting to do so much for herself. She is certainly not the shy little girl who was so unsure of herself when she came to us over a year ago. She is having fun and doing great and we are all having a blast.
Tomorrow we will be visiting Louisville and then spending the night in Nashville. This is a good trip. I am so glad we are doing it!

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