Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, we arrived in OKC on Sunday and went right to the cowboy museum. (S) had been waiting for this the whole trip and was so excited. I can assure you she was not dissappointed. She had a wonderful time there and it is a great place to take kids. DW and I enjoyed it as well. Here (S) is cooking a meal for all the cowboys in the bunk house.
Unfortunately, all has not been great since then. (S) has been waking up in hysterics. We are not sure why, but last night she was totally inconsolable. She said there were momsters in her room, but she likes to use that as an excuse for a lot of things so we doubt that was it. As I write this, DW is up with her now as she woke up in hysterics again. she has also been very leery of strangers for the last few days even before we arrived in OKC. I am hoping it is just that we have been away from home for so long and she is ready to be home. Unfortunately, we have another week and a half before we are home. We will be going to Dallas for the weekend, but will not be leaving OKC until next Wednseday. The trip back will be far shorter than the trip down was. We will try to do it in three days.
(S) really has us baffled though at this point. We will keep showing her a good time and hope it is just a stage, but it is so frustrating when she is so upset that we can't calm her down. We did take her to the pool today and the water was so cold I couldn't bear to let her stay in for more than a dunk here and there. I put my feet in but they turned red in no time. The outside temp was 84 but I think the water temp was around 33.
Tomorrow DW is going to take (S) to the zoo whilw I am at work. I wish I could go with them. I have been to the OKC Zoo beofre and it is a great little zoo. I know she will have fun.

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