Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elvis Has Left the Building

Today we left Birmingham around 9:00am and drove to Memphis. We had lunch at a burger place called Dyers on Beale Street and then went to visit Graceland. We saw the home and grounds and then went through the car museum and the "Sincerely Elvis" display and looked at the airplanes that were there and also went through the Private Elvis exhibit.

(S) was alternately good and not so good. She was interested in some of the stuff, but the thing she seemed to like the most was the bus ride from the ticket center to the home. She did seem to enjoy the car Museum. She insisted on having her picture taken with the pink Cadillac........ She loves anything pink. As a side note at the place we had dinner when the waitress asked her if she would like a red or yellow balloon, she said pink......

So we left there and headed for Little Rock where we are now. About an hour from Memphis the conversation went like this:

(S).....I didn't get to see Elvis

(DW)...Well you got to see his house and his airplane and his cars and other things as well.

(S)....But I didn't see Elvis

DW....Elvis wasn't there

(S).....He will be there tomorrow

So if you of you are awaiting a potential Elvis sighting, (S) says it will be tomorrow....of course we will be in Oklahoma City tomorrow and visiting the cowboy museum. We have to get up at 6:00am to make our times, but then it is OKC for 10 days.

This trip has been a blast. (S) has certainly had her moments when we wonder if we should have taken the trip, but after we get over the aggravation, we realize we are having a good time and so is she. When originally thinking about this trip we thought (S) would be back home with bio mom and dad. When that changes, we had to consider either not taking the trip or taking her with us. Again, while there has been some aggravation, I think we made the right choice and In glad we did.


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