Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Visit

Today the foster parents of all of (S) siblings and us met with the children at the local Mickey Ds. This was the second visit since visits with bio mom and dad came to an abrupt end. The kids had a great time together in the playland and you could tell they really enjoy each others company. Thankfully though there are no tears when the visits are over. The rest of the group will be meeting again while we are away on our trip, but there will be another visit the Saturday after we return. It also happens to be the Saturday before the court hearing on the TPR.

All the boys look good and seem to be happy in their situations. The middle child (F) is with a single dad who has 3 other boys and he just loves it there. The two older boys have some problems, but they have a good place to be as does the youngest boy. We also found out that a daughter of the foster parents of the two older boys would be interested in adopting (S) if the time comes. Apparently she has two boys and is unable to have any more children. I don't know how old her 2 boys are, but it sounds like it might be a reasonable situation for (S).

We went sledding after the visit. I figured that since we are going away Thursday and won't be back until the end of March, it is unlikely that there will be enough snow in the front yard to do any sledding. That meant today and tomorrow are all the days that are left. She loves sledding. I love sledding with her. It really is a lot of fun. Even for a 50 something guy like myself.

Latre on in the day when we were home from out of the blue (S) said that Santa had delivered presents to her moms house. Then she said he also delivered presents to "our" house. DW and I just kind of looked at each other. She considers everything of ours to be hers as well. That is fine with us as we have always told our children what is ours is theirs. We never said that to (S), but we certainly act that way.

So now it is just another day wondering what (S) will think after a TPR and an adoption by someone other than us.

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