Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New Math

A little girl who we refer to as our surrogate granddaughter came for the weekend. She is a couple of years older than (S) but they play well together most of the time. Last night it was Denny's for dinner. I had them all excited about breakfast this morning as I told them we would make home made donut holes.

I was awakened a little before 7 and told it was time to make the donuts. I thought I could talk them into a little more sleep for me. I explained that the donut holes could not be made that early in the morning because it required using hot oil and that was too dangerous before 8 o'clock. It worked for a little while. About 7:40 I gave in and got up. We started by rolling the dough into little balls. I then dropped them in the fryer and when they came out we rolled 1/2 of them in confectioners sugar and half of them in a cinamon/sugar mixture.

Then it was upstairs to wake up DW and give her some flowers and a box of chocolates. (I got a really nice shirt from L.L.Bean) We all ate the donut holes. (S) loves chocolate so DW gave her a little bar that came in the box. Later on in the day she came in with chocolate all over her mouth asking if she could have another piece of chocolate. The answer was no, but that is where the new math comes into play.


Now I agree I should have known better but I really wasn't thinking much about that. The donuts didn't reall have THAT much sugar on them. And the much sugar could that have? The two of them became something I can't even describe. They couldn't play with a toy for more than 30 seconds and then it was on to something else. Of course they didn't put away the first toy and it wasn't long before we couldn't walk in the upstairs of the house without stepping on something. It wasn't just the playing with toys either. They were able to provide a lot of entertainment themselves. There were somersaults, dancing, singing, jumping on the beds and general havoc.

They are still a little wild. I only hope that they have exhausted themselves to the point where they sleep well tonight. Tomorrow morning we make pancakes and I am hoping it won't be until well after 8. We need a morning to sleep in.

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