Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The economy and the recession are hurting everyone and unfortunately foster children are not immune. Unfortunately, a great program they have in the state of Washington looks like it will no longer be funded. It is their "Foster to 21" program that is designed to help kids who age out of the foster care system to have some additional assistance until they reach the age of 21. We all know aging out of the system is almost like getting the kiss of death. While there are many good stories out there, there are too many kids who are ending up in jail or homeless. The story about the program and its lack of funding can be found here:

So what can we do? It is the same in every state across the nation. Budgets are getting cut more and more every day. the more they cut, the more people that are out of work the less taxes they take in and the more they have to cut. I guess we all have to hope that the stimulus plan will work and work quickly and that President Obama can get things on track.

But that is not the only problem that we have as a result of the economy. The more problems with the economy, the more stress that is created in homes that are already on the edge. More people are turning to crime or drugs, or just can't handle the stress and become abusive to the ones they love. As a result, more kids end up in foster care that the states don't have money to care for.

Is there any end to this?

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