Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking About Doing Foster Care?

If you are giving thought to doing foster care but aren't sure there is really a need, think again. Unfortunately there are never enough foster parents and as a result a lot of kids end up in group homes or other institutions where they don't get the love and uncerstanding they need.

Do they have some problems? Sire a lot of them do. That is why they need you.

Is it a lot of work? Of course it is, but it is well worth it. Just read the blogs I have listed on the left and you will read about families who are very happy with their decision to foster and adopt children who have noone.

So why this post tonight. I came across an article on MSNBC. Some idiot keeps his cocaine heroin and marijuana around the house and his two year old son eats some of the cocaine. He is then seen foaming at the mouth and shaking. The drug problem in this country is getting worse and worse and is negatively affecting our future generations.

That is why we need more foster parents in this country. Someone has to take care of these kids. Thanks to those of you who do. If you would like to read about the idiot, you can find the story here:

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