Monday, February 16, 2009

Star Light Star Bright

This evening DW and I went to a class at the Mystery Mansion. It was an interesting class about Neonatal Abstinance Syndrome. What most of us call drug withdrawal for a newborn. We haven't been involved with a baby in that situaiton, you never really know and the class counts for a couple of hours of our required training so we figured why not.

(S) stayed with (K) while DW and I went to dinner first and then the class. When the class was over we picked up (S) and were driving home when she saw a star. DW went through the little diddy with her

Star Light
Star Bright
First Star I see Tonight
Wish I may
Wish I might
Have the wish
I wish tonight.

So when you say it, what do you wish for? Winning the lottery? getting a promotion or a raise? Some more religious people tend to wish for more profound things. So what about (S)?

She picked up on it and was able to repeat it with very little practice. She said it a number of times. I asked her what her wish was and she said "I wish to stay with my mommy"............I had no response to that.

When was the last time you wished for something like that? As we all know, the chances of that occurring at this time are slim and none and Slim is on his way out of town. She hasn't seen mom since January 7 and there is no visitation at this time, nor will there be prior to the next court date the beginning of April.

This is certainly not an outrageous wish. It is one that SHOULD come true, yet most likely it won't. How sad is that? We can't even explain it to her. At 3 years old, she can't possibly understand what is going on? Sometimes this whole thing just really sucks.

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  1. What a wish.
    I, as an adult, can't imagine the deep amount of grief she is feeling.