Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Valley of the Dolls

Last night (S) found her way to the floor in our room and slept there. But this post has to do with a couple of nights ago when she slept the whole night in her room alone......indirectly

DW took her out to get her a toy and bought a doll. Not your ordinary doll. This doll comes with food and a bottle. You mix the food with water and it turns into a paste so that you can feed it to the doll. Yes, you do have to put a diaper on the doll because the food does indeed come out the other end. You then give the doll water until the other end runs clear. I guess they haven't figured out how to make the whole thing biologically realistic and we wouldn't want to have dirty food inside the doll. What would that smell like after a few days!?

Whatever happened to Chatty Cathy? She had a string you pulled and she said something. There weren't that many different things, but it was original and it didn't cause any smells or messes. Same with Thumbelina. She never pooped in her diaper. So tonight the question to DW was....
"What were you thinking?" (she didn't have an answer)

And while I am on the topic of dolls, why is it little girls feel the need to remove the clothing from a doll the moment it comes out of the package. This is not just (S), but both of my daughters (A) and (K) also did that. Is there some need to see what is underneath? They are all the same. What do they expect? I can't tell you how many naked dolls we have had lying around the house. If it wasn't such a common practice I would be concerned about what the neighbors would think with that collection lying around the house.

Another thing, how do the toy companies make money by selling Barbie clothes? I think I know the answer to that one. All the parents are hoping that those dolls won't be naked when the preacher shows up at the house so they buy clothes in hopes that their daughter will dress the doll. Unfortunately, most of them can't get the clothes on the doll only off.

I have to admit though the naked dolls don't scare me as much as the headless dolls. Why is that the heads come off so easily? Have you ever gone to pick up toys and you see something under the bed and reach under to pick it up and you come out with a head......and sometimes with the hair cut off. You never know how that adorable little child got a hold of scissors. you keep them put away so that they can't be reached, yet somehow the hair on the doll is shorter than when you bought it. Is there a scissors fairy? I think as a society we need to rethink this whole doll thing.

And if you think the boys are immune, they aren't, I will address their little quirks and idiosynchrosies at another time. Right now I have a stuffed Barney being held up to my ear singing......I Love You , you love me...............etc..........etc..........etc

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  1. Yes. There is a scissors fairy. She cuts off the dolls' hair in the hopes that they will then not attract the doll-troll who rips off their heads.