Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spoiled? I don't think so.


(S) has not been feeling very well today. We think she may be teething. She hasn't eaten much today and has just been miserable. Right now she is lying down and watching Noggin. I feel so bad when she gets sick or when she is unhappy. What I don't know is if I treat her the way I should.

You see I really feel bad for her for the situation she finds herself in. What with her bio mom and dad in the process of having their parental rights terminated and not getting to see her brothers very often I feel like I have to be a little more "understanding"

Then I wonder if I am just going to end up spoiling her........what kind of a term is that? We all say it, but really......spoiled?........What a horrible thing to say about a child................

Anyway, I want to treat her just like I treated my own children when they were growing up but I don't. I know the reason I don't is because she has a different life experience then my kids had, or that either I or DW have had. We go out of our way to treat her extra special. I know it really doesn't matter what anyone says as we will continue to treat her special. The only people that really seem to get upset are our 3 bio children who can't believe some of the things we let her do.

"You never let us do that!" is a common phrase heard from all of them lately. So, while I hope we aren't doing anything we shouldn't do, anyone would be hard pressed to convince us to do otherwise. She just needs some extra loving and we are here to give it to her.
Just heard we are going to get up to 18 inches of snow tonight......I am getting tired of winter.

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