Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sisters (and a brother too)

Vacation is over and today I am back to work. It was a great period of time off that I really needed. It was the first full week off I have taken since moving to the Cape and starting this new job back in June.

We went to Maine to visit with Amy and Kari and their families. We spent most of the time at Amy's house while we were there. Shyanne has a wonderful time when she is with her sisters and her nephew. It is amazing to me how that works out. I know that inherently most sisters are pretty close to each other. While that isn't always the case, for the most part, a sister will always come to help out her sister.

But I wouldn't have thought that to be the case with Shyanne. Even though Amy and Kari are her sisters, they did not grow up in the same house and when Shyanne came to live with us, they were not living in the house. We simply spent time with them and told Shyanne they were her sisters.

Now keep in mind that Shyanne didn't have any sisters before coming to live with us. She only had 4.5 older brothers (yes there is a "half" brother in the mix as well, and that is another story I will tell you about tomorrow.) Anyway, Amy and Kari are her first and only sisters and they never lived in the same house together. In spite of that, they act just like you would expect sisters to act. They even have the occasionally spat when the older sister wants to act like a parent to the younger sister.

That is when the older sister tells us how spoiled we are making her younger sister. It is really amazing. We heard the same things about her first younger sister. Anyway, I have found that dynamic to be quite interesting, and it makes me very happy. I know that they will always be there for Shyanne and that is important to me. As those of you who follow this blog know, one of our concerns was our age when adopting Shy. It makes me feel good knowing that if anything should happen to DW and I, Shy will have two very loving sisters to look after her.

She also has a brother who will look after her as well I am sure. It is nice knowing I can count on them, if needed. And that Shy loves them all so much. She is truly a part of our family.

Now, is it OK that I am already looking forward to our next vacation which is only 6 weeks away and will include a cruise in the Caribbean. Won't that be grand. Shyanne is looking forward to it too.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday! I would be looking forward to the Carribean Cruise, too!!
    Happy New Year!