Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Too Much

You may remember that at one point I was wondering if the Monday schedule was going to be too much for Shy.

She is at the bus stop at 8:30 am for school. School gets out at 3:10pm and it is down the hall to Daisies which starts at 3:15. Daisy's ends at 4:15 when either DW or I pick her up and whisk her off to dance class which starts at 4:40 and runs until 6:00pm. then she gets picked up and brought home for dinner.

Diner will be done by 6:30 at which time homework (not much) and then maybe a little TV and off to bed at 8:00am.

Is it too busy and hectic? I think not....

She is not complaining and is fast asleep by 8:05. so we are certainly not complaining either!!!


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  1. Sounds like she is doing great!