Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Tree

At Sunday School yesterday Shy's class was tasked with drawing a family tree. She was given the choice of doing her mother's side, or her father's side. She chose my side. I am not sure why, and I didn't really ask as it was not very complete anyway.

What I found most interesting was that she showed her biological brothers as part of the same family. I thought she understood that there were two different families, and maybe she was just showing them because they are her brothers, but I am not sure.

I want to address the situation so that she is clear and remains clear on how her family tree looks, but I am not sure how an adoption is typically depicted on a family tree. She is the first person in our family to be adopted.

I also don't want to forget the fact that she has a biological family so that it is totally disregarded, but by the same token, I want to make sure she clearly understands that we are her forever family and she will remain a part of our family tree for generations and generations to come.

I bring issues up here for two reasons. One is so that other people can read about issues that arise and issues they may face with their adopted/foster children, but also to get some advice for myself and DW as to how to best handle situations that come up. There is a lot of knowledge lurking around these boards, and I have found in most cases I can put it to good,

All you lurkers, here is an opportunity to put in your 2 cents worth.


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