Monday, January 23, 2012

Patriots and Loud Noises

I am a big Patriots fan, and have been for as long as I can remember. I am old enough to have been around when the AFL was formed, and the Boston Patriots started playing at Nickerson Field on the ampus of Boston University. I think they played three seasons there before playing a few over at Fenway Park and then on to their own stadium (Shaefer Stadium) at Foxboro, MA.

I am a much bigger Red Sox fan, but during the late fall and into the winter, I am all Patriots. The problem with that is that Shyanne really does not do loud moises well. She is much better now then she was when she first came, but she is till not totally over her sensitivity to loud noises. It used to be that ambulances and motorcycles would cause her to cry uncontrollably.

Now, unfortunately it is mostly yelling and screaming that she can't handle. Needless to say, yesterdays game required a lot of that in order for me to help the Patriots get through to the Super Bowl. Now my family has told me that the Pats can't hear me from our living room as I yell into the TV Set. They also tell me the Refs can't here me wither, and when I suggest a play, they tell me the coaching staff can't here me either.

I think they are wrong. I worked so hard yesterday, I am dead tired today. By anyone's account that was a very difficult game, and I worked as hard as anyone. (Except maybe Vince Wilfork).

I just have to learn to keep my voice down a little bit, but it is a ways from hear to Foxboro, and I want to make sure they get the word. It is even longer to Indianapolis and that is going to be difficult.

I just have to get Shyanne more involved in the Patriots so that she is yelling and sceraming with me. If they play there the way they played yesterday, a win may not be possible, and I may end up in the ER. So let's hope they play really well, run up the score and get revenge for the 2008 loss in Super Bowl XLII to the NY Giants.


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  1. Good work yesterday, thanks for all your hard work!!! :) You better rest up over the next two weeks!