Friday, January 27, 2012

New Places, New Experiences, New People

First.... for those of you interested, Shyanne did earn a sticker yesterday.
Last Saturday Shy and I went to the Northeast Clown Institute being held in Plymouth, Ma. It is a short ride from where we live and Shy likes clowns. I know that there are a lot of people who think clowns are creepy, but Shy likes them.
On the other hand, the clowns I know are all pretty good guys. The main reason we went up there was so I could see some friends of mine. You see this institute is run by the Shriner's Organization. They have clowns at all of their temples and they go around to different events that children may be at, and also work at the Shrine Circus events held around the country.
Most people have heard about the Shriner's Hospitals and all the good work they do. All the funding for those hospitals comes from the Shriners, so they are definitely a great organization, and one I know all Shriners are proud of.
I have two friends from Maine who are Shrine clowns and they were going to be there. One was actually the "Dean" of the institute. So Shy an I went up there. Since their wives were not coming DW was not real interested so she had some alone time at the house while Shy and I had some "Princess/daddy" together time.
We watched as all the clowns paraded on stage for a make-up competition. Unfortunately, they didn't announce winners until the next morning, so we don't know who won. (neither of my friends participated in that particular part). When that was over, Shy and I waited until my two friends could get away. In the meantime, Shy collected cards from all the clowns, and had her face painted as a butterfly by a clown. She really enjoyed all of that.
Then it was off to dinner. We ate at a nice Italian restaurant, and said our good-byes and went home. IT was a great day. Anytime we take Shy anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary she just eats it up. She loves doing things that are different. The more we do different things, the more she thrives. It is the sitting around at home that she doesn't like so much, and that is why there are days that she does not earn a sticker.
She just needs to be doing new things, experiencing new places, and having fun with other people. The cruise in 3 weeks should be just up her alley!!! and ours too!! None of us can wait for that trip and vacation. I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell when we return.


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