Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout


Yesterday Shy became officially a "Daisy" Girl Scout. While this isn't a very good picture, Shy is the one getting her daisy pin. She was very proud of that and was even wearing her little vest at home after dinner.

It used to be that mothers everywhere would be working hard sewing on all the patches, and all the troop numbers. I guess Girl Scouting has gotten really big, as her troop number is a 5 digit number.

DW is very thankful that all the numbers and patches now come in the iron on variety. Follow the instructions and they should all stick.

Now, I am not a vast wealth of knowledge about Girl Scouting and what the vision of Juliette Gordon Lowe was when she started Girl Scouts a century ago. What I do know is that this is yet another opportunity for Shy to spend time with girls her own age. Do the things that girls like to do, and do it with some guidance and mentoring provided.

That is just what Shy needs. It is truly a perfect fit. I don't know how long she will spend in scouting. Whether or not she will just be a daisy and never go on, or if she will advance all the way up to Senior Girl Scouts and get the Gold Award someday.

It really doesn't matter. For right now, Daisies is perfect for her and she loves it!!! (personally, the cookies aren't bad either!)


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