Sunday, May 2, 2010

There really wasn't anything to worry about

We met at a McDonalds on Saturday with all of (S)s brothers. We told her ahead of time that we were going to meet them there. She was very happy to hear that. She said it had been a long time since she had seen them. We compared them to her brother (B) who lives in Alabama and she doesn't see him very often either because he also doesn't live with us.

She seemed OK with that. She was certainly very happy to see her brothers, but I am not sure they were as comfortable as she was. Being older, they have a better idea of what is going on and they have all made it clear they do not want to go back to live with their parents. (S) of course doesn't know that is even a possibility. I am not so sure the boys feel secure in their position though.

It was enlightening talking with the other foster parents as well. It was nice to know that they all agree that the CW we are now dealing with is useless. Unfortunately that doesn't help the kids, but we all agreed that we need to deal with her supervisor whenever we want anything done right. We are not even real sure what happened in court. I think DW should call the CW's supervisor and see what she can find out about what happened there.(I know you read this dear so please take note). I would call myself, but with my work schedule it is difficult.

I am still in New Hampshire and when I left home today (S) cried again. She is liking me going less and less, but it is only a few more weeks and then I will be home for good. One last note.........

May is Foster Care month: Here are a few articles about it:

Of course there are many more out there. This is certainly a good time for anyone who is thinking they might want to get involved in foster care to do just that. While I write about problems here, I also write about the wonderful times. DW and I have no idea what our life would be like now without (S). She is so much a part of our life and family. We love her so and can't imagine things any different. Nothing could ever be so bad as to cause us to regret getting involved in foster care, and I can assure you that the rewards are certainly worth any minor problems that might occur. Go for it!


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