Monday, May 24, 2010

I can't see you!

* OK, so we had our dance recital this past weekend. Now since we can't show (S)s face, you might think that this particular picture was planned. Unfortunately, it was not. She stood this way through the entire first number.

When it came time for the second number she started this way, but by the end she was actually doing some of the dance moves with the rest of the kids.

At the end of the recital she got a medal from the dance school, and of course flowers from DW and I. She thought that was really special and now she wants to continue with dancing. I am hoping this will be just what she needs to help boost her self-confidence. That is one area she is lacking in. We try to encourage her as much as possible and when DW took her to the therapist today, she gave her a few things we could try.

The therapist also said it was good that she was tlaking about her bio-parents and things that happened when she was with them. She told us to encourage her to talk about them but only when she brings them up. So we will do that as well.

Obviously, there is still no word from the court. Did anyone really expect that? I was hoping, but last week's stars obviously weren't strong enough. Hopefully this weeks stars will work better.


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  1. How sweet! That's adorable that she stood there with her hands over her face!