Friday, May 1, 2009

Too Much Going On


Yesterday was an appointment with the play therapist. (S) was really looking forward to it. She loves going there to play. Unfortunately, the therapist didn't show up. (S) was very disappointed.
and this was not the first time. I called the case worker and told her I wantged to find someone else as this person was unreliable. She insisted that this is very unusual and that this person is the best for (S). She said she would give her a call. I would have expected a call from the therapist by now, but nothing. I am not real impressed. I guess we will talk more about this on Monday....information on Monday to follow...

Today the GAL came by to see how things are going before the TPR hearing starts on Monday. He said it will ba a cast of thousands..actually I think it is going to be about 60 witnesses and they expect it to last most of next week. We have to be there Monday at 11:00am and then we will find out after that when we have to be back. I am hopeful they can nail down a good time so we don't have to sit there for hours upon hours.....unless they let us in. In that case, I will want to hear what is happening. If the TPR goes through then (S) will be available for adoption eventually.

Tomorrow we have a visit with her brothers at the local Mickey Ds that has a play place. They really enjoy being together and they play so well. They did get to see each other last week at the children's museum too. It is still undetermined what grouping would be adopted together or seperate or whatever...If (S) is alone, we will have to make a decision. We still havent been able to make a firm decision. After a year and a half, we have really grown to love her. It will be so hard to have her leave, but we have to be sure that whatever we do, we do it for her. We can't worry about the impact on our life. She is the important one now. So a busy few days. I have neevr been involved in this kind of a court proceeding so I am not sure what to expect. The GAL said we would just be asked how (S) was doing and there wouldn't be any difficult questions. This of course coming from a man who has been through literally thousands of these.

I hope we do ok. I will try to be better about blogging as the court proceedings move along

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