Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Day at the Fort

There was a special day for foster and adoptive famiies at one of the state parks today. I took (S) and we had a great time. DW had to work so she couldnt make it. They had gifts for the kids, a place to blow bubbles, a place for face painting and a place for kite flying. They also had clowns and a bar-b-que. It was a fun time and all the kids seemed to enjoy it.

It was interesting to see how different famiies interact with the children in their care. (S) is very shy. She wouldnt go too near anyone. When we went to the circus last month she didn't like the clowns at all, but today she at least got close enough to take a balloon animal from one. She wouldnt talk to them though.

She also hasn't been too keen on fire-engines, but today she actually got up on the one they had there. Overall, I have to say it was a good day for (S). There is bad news though.

She still isn't sleeping. Two nights ago she was up almost all night. Last night she was up most of the night. It is getting more anf more difficult for DW and I. It is important that we get our sleep if we are to take good care of (S). It is also critical to get enough sleep to make a good decision about adoption. So.....we will try again tonight and hope that we make it asleep.


  1. I jumped to you from Yondalla, and enjoyed reading back a ways. I will be thinking of you and your adoption decision, having recently gone through that ourselves.

  2. Cloudmaster, please email me at kander04 at aol dot com and I will answer your question.