Saturday, May 2, 2009

1+ 1 Does Not Equal 5

We were supposed to visit with all of (S)s brothers today (4 of them and her). Unfortunately only one showed up. We thought one was going to be out of town so we were not surprised about him, but we have no idea what happened to the other two. When it came time to leave (S) started crying. She doesn't like good-byes to begin with but when she realized her other two brothers weren't coming she was very upset. This is the second time this week she has been disappointed by someone not showing up.

Why can't people be more considerate of others? She has had so much disappointment in her life and certainly doesn't need any more. This disappointment was caused by two adults that should know better. Her play therapist and the foster parents of her two brothers. What the? We are figuring we just have to stop telling her where she is going and who she is going to see so when they don't show up she won't be disappointed......we shouldn't have to do that.....

Anyway, the one other foster parent that was there is a pleasure to be with and talk to so it was fine for me. He swaid he was told that he was actually going to testify at the TPR hearing on Tuesday AM. I told him we were told to be there Monday at 11:00 but we weren't told when we would be testifying. He had talked directly to the DA so maybe we should have done that. That is the advantage of experience I guess. He has been fostering for almost 20 years. This is our first venture...DW has been asking me a lot lately about actually adopting (S). I don't know what she is thinking. We really have to put aside what we want and think about what is best for (S). That is another post though.....maybe tomorrow we will talk about that.....In the meantime, (S) has started calling us mommy and daddy along with our names. It is like she is testing it out once in a while to see how it fits.........I wonder if it does. She truly is precious.


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  1. It is so not easy. You know what they say, if the shoe fits... :)