Monday, May 4, 2009

Court Today


Today was day one of the TPR hearing. It started at 11:00 am. Bio-Dad was a no-show. His lawyer was asking where he was. Go figure. So they start at 11:00 with a therapist for one of the kids. That lasts until noon when it is time to break for lunch. We go to lunch and then court starts back at 1:00pm. There are then more child and parent therapy people called as witnesses. Then at 3:00pm, one of the Sheriffs opens the door to the courtroom and says "Sit right there"
as he escorts dad into the courtroom. They were in the middle of some testimony so after that ended the judge asked dads lawyer if he wanted time to talk with his client. He said yes and by the time they returned it was 3:50 and the court closes at 4:00pm, so that was it.

Neither DW or I were called today and it looks like DW is going to be the only one called. That will happen on Wednesday. We will not bother to go tomorrow but will probably stay all day on Wednesday. Thursday....who knows......we are not sure when this whole thing is going to end, but if today is any example of how this is going to run, I think they will finish sometime in August.

It looks like moms attorney is trying to separate her from bio-dad and maybe they hope that she can retain parental rights even if he doesn't. This whole thing has baffled me from the beginning. I have no idea what is really going on, but I do have an overactive imagination which gives me all kinds of ideas with no real basis for them.

The caseworker for (S) was happy with the way things were going and thought all the witnesses that went today helped the case against the parents. I didn't see that, but then I don't know what to look for or how thedse things go.

So........maybe tomorrow I will get to the post about being called mom and dad on occasion by (S), but for now I am going to go to sleep perchance to dream.....

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  1. Yes, be prepared for this to drag out quite a while. And then if TPR is approved, there will be an appeal period, dragging things out even l.o.n.g.e.r...