Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are Back!!!!


Actually, we got back Sunday, but I have been too busy to get here to write anything. I certainly have lots of stories to tell about our wonderful trip, but I have to start with day one on our way.

We had to get up early to drive to the Providence, Rhode Island airport. We were up a little after 5:00am and off we went. We got our bags checked in and made our way to the gate without any problem. TSA at Providence was very easy and there were no problems for anyone.

Our first flight took us to Baltimore, and that went off without a hitch. We actually arrived in Baltimore a little bit early. We had brought some Subway sandwiches with us from home, so we sat and ate them in Baltimore while waiting for the next flight to take us to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The plane arrived, we got on the plane and again, we departed without much of a problem. So far this story is pretty boring, but just wait another couple of paragraphs and you will see where the excitement starts.

So anyway.....we are airborne maybe 10 minutes out of Baltimore on our roughly 2.5 hour flight to Florida when Shy turns to me and says " Daddy, when will we be there?"

So I told her that when the plane started descending she would know that we were almost there. that seemed to satisfy her. I, being quite tired already, put my head back, leaned my seat back to its fully reclined and unlocked position (probably to the chagrin of the person behind me) and proceeded to nod off.

I guess I nodded on and off for just about the whole trip....or at least until the plane started descending. I will still asleep, but Shyanne was not. The descent of the plane excited her as it meant we were almost at our destination and the warm air. She did not however choose to tap me on the shoulder and say "Daddy, we are almost there".

She did not choose to nudge me and say "Daddy the plane has started to descend!!"

Here is where the excitement least for me.... what Shyanne chose to do instead was start to poke me hard on my right arm and started yelling: "Daddy the plane is going down! The plane is going down!! Daddy, Daddy, the plane is going down!!!"

Thankfully, I had not forgotten to take any of my medications, and I survived the start I got waking up. The people around me seemed to have knowing smirks on their faces. I was just glad that it was a slow and controlled descent that led to a smooth landing.

I also suggested to Shyanne that she use different wording in the future for such aviation events as a descending airplane. :)


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