Monday, March 5, 2012

Shy is Sooooooooo Polite

Now that we have been back for a week, we are getting settled back in to the routine of life at home. Mondays is Chess Club, Daisy Scouts, and Dance. Wednesday is swimming and Sunday is Sunday School.

It won't be long before T-Ball starts. We are all signed up for that, but don't know what days that will be. I am guessing a lot of Saturday mornings, but I don't know for sure.

On thing I am sure of is that lovely Shyanne is certainly back into the swing of things, is quite intelligent, and still maintains a great degree of politeness. How do I know this? Well, here is my example for today.

Last Wednesday evening we were coming home from swimming lessons and I needed to stop to get gas in the car. I stopped at a local convenient store run by Hess. It is the closest one to our house, so it really meets the spirit of the name in convenience.

When I pulled in Shyanne asked me : "Daddy can I go in the store with you?"

I told her I wasn't going in the store. I was just there to put gas in the car and then we were going home. She then said to me: "Daddy, I want to go in the store and get something."

I told her, as I got out of the car that since she didn't have any money, there was really no need for her to go in the store, and I was not going in. I then shut the door to the car and proceeded to pump the gas.

Now, in the car I was driving the fuel tank is on the driver's side. Shyanne's car seat is on the passenger side of the vehicle in the back seat. She unbuckled her strap, went over to the driver's side of the car, opened the door and said to me:

"Daddy, would you be so kind as to give me your wallet?"

Now how polite is that for a six year old? Some of you are probably thinking that because Shy has me wrapped around her finger, and I almost always give into her, and she was so polite, that I gave her some money, or the wallet, or actually took her in the store.

Well, I didn't. I maintained my position, filled up with gas, and went home. I can assure you it was tough, but I made it through, and Shy was none the worse for wear. You have to admit though, she is pretty darn polite!!

By the way, we are all signed up for "Forever Families Weekend" This is a camp experience for Jewish families that have been touched by adoption. It is a great time, a great experience, and we loved it so much last year, we have to go back this year. If you are interested, check it out at:


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