Monday, March 19, 2012

Emergency Room Visit

It was Shyanne's first. She had never been to the hospital for herself before, and she was not happy about this trip.

She was at the neighbors house playing outside. The kids decided to ride on the scooters that the neighbors have. Unfortunately, Shyanne did not bother to come home to get her helmet. She knows she is supposed to wear her helmet when she gets on a bike or a scooter, but I guess the temptation was just too great, and she felt like she had never fallen before, so........

She fell and had quite a bump on her forehead. When she came home crying, I was downstairs working on the tables for her trains. DW called me from upstairs and said "Come on Todd, time for an emergency room visit."

So off we went. First, we had to decide which hospital was closer. Where we live, it could be either one of the two hospitals on Cape Cod. So, we chose one and headed that way. About 2/3 of the way there, I thought maybe we had chosen the wrong one, but at this point, I am still not sure which one is closer. I will be finding that out today.

Good advice: When you move somewhere new, and it isn't obvious which hospital is closer to you. FIND OUT. You never know when you are going to need one.

Anyway, Shyanne was more concerned about going to the hospital then she was about her head. She kept saying how scared she was and that she had never been to a hospital before. Most of our calming of her had to do with the hospital and not with the injury. Although it did look pretty nasty and was about the size of a golf ball, although it didn't quite stick out that far....thankfully...

As it turned out, this was a great visit for her first. They were very nice to her, they took her quite quickly and they did very little to her. They looked in her eyes, and checked her balance and just generally watched her for a while. After about an hour, they determined that there was really no need to do anything else. The worst she might have would be a minor concussion, and the doctor really didn't believe that to be the case anyway.

He didn't think that he would gain anything from a Cat Scan that was worth the radiation it would use, and after about an hour and a half, we were on our way. There were no shots, They didn't do anything to hurt her, and mommy and daddy were with her the whole time.

So Shyanne learned two very good lessons yesterday:

1. When mommy and Daddy tell her to wear her helmet, they know
what they are talking about...and
2. A hospital visit is not the worst thing in the world, and the people
there are quite nice and take good care of you.

Two good life lessons for a not too bad injury. I would rather Shyanne never have an injury like that , but if she has to, at least she got some good lessons from it.


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