Wednesday, March 28, 2012

another lost tooth


Shyanne lost her second tooth yesterday. And when I say she lost it, I mean she lost it. We don't know where it is, or even when it fell out. Our assumption is that she lost it while eating something and she swallowed it, but she didn't even know she lost it.

She came home from school and when she opened her mouth DW noticed right away. When DW said something it looked like a real melt down was about to occur. I am not sure why she was about to have the meltdown, but DW with her experience with past similar situations and her quick thinking immediately told Shy she would have to write a letter to the tooth fairy to explain what had happened.

She told her she might even want to draw a picture for the tooth fairy. That calmed her down. I think she may have been worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't come if there wasn't a real tooth.

Then, we left her at the babysitter and we went out to eat. when we got home, Shy was asleep. I carried her into bed and covered her up and that was the end of it. about 4:00am this morning, Shy woke up DW and told her the tooth fairy hadn't come yet....Oh My!!! We had forgotten about it. Shame on us. Thankfully it was still night time. DW put her back into bed and then made sure there would be something under the pillow when she awakes this morning.

Another disaster averted on two counts thanks to DW.


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