Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Growing.....Two Ways!!

And I don't mean height and width......

Today is a visit with Shy's play therapist. She has been making real good progress and we are very happy with the way she has been handling things. She is a bit of a drama queen at times, and she does still have problems controlling her temper at times, but for the most part, she is a much improved version every day. In the last two weeks since her last visit to the therapist, I think I can't even take up a full hand counting the number of outbursts she has had.

She also has been eating quite well lately. There has been less complaints about the food we have and much more eating of what we put in front of her. At least at dinner. Yesterday she had a pretty good amount of spaghetti and then an hour or so later she wanted a bowl of cereal. She actually made it for herself.........We were in the living room and she asked if she could have some cocoa puffs since she was still hungry. We said OK, thinking that she was going to do her usual of pouring a few into a small Tupperware container and eating them by hand.

After a little while, DW looked at me and said: "What do you think she is doing?"

I decided to go check it out. She had a bowl of cereal in front of her. It was a pretty good size bowl and there was an empty carton of milk next to her. I asked her if she finished the milk and she said she had. Then she said:

"Actually, I used a little more milk than I needed, so I used this (holding up a straw from a drink box) and sucked up the extra out of the bowl"..........How resourceful of her....anyway

She didn't finish the bowl of cereal, but she ate quite a bit. So we certainly think she is going through one of those growth spurts that kids go through on occasion. It seems like she gets taller by the minute. Now her biological mother was not REAL tall, but I think she was certainly taller than average. Her biological father on the other hand was not a tall man at all. I would put him at about 5'7" or so. In any event.....

Shyanne is certainly growing both physically and emotionally, and that is something worth writing about!!


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