Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Am I Behind or What?


I have been so busy lately. I am going to try to get caught up on happenings here. I don't want to bore everyone with one long post, so I will try to go little by little and get caught up.....

Last I wrote it was in reference to the size of the classroom for (S)' kindergarden class. Well, my conversation with the school superintendant worked out well. I had called her on Friday morning August 27th. She called me back on Monday August 30th which was just 2 days before school started. She said she was unaware that they were using that room for a classroom and she was not happy about it.

I was comfortable that she would do something about it, so I refused her offer to move (S) into a different class with a different teacher. (S) seemed to like that teacher and if the class was going to change all would be good.

The superintendant explained to me that she couldn't guarantee anything would happen in the next week or two, but she sounded sincere.

Sure enough, about 3 hours later on that same day I got a call from the school that the classroom had been changed for that teacher's class. I had never expected it that quick, or to happen before school started, but it did. I am happy about that. The classroom is a standard size with plenty of room for the 16 kindergardeners that are assigned to it. I am sure they will all have a great year.

So far (S) is enjoying school. There is more to tell, but I will try to get caught up a little at a time. In the meantime....
Packet one is still at the state capitol and we can't go forward with packet two until that comes back......We hope that is soon!!


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