Sunday, September 12, 2010

I had Never Been in a Talent Show and Thought this was my Big Chance!

So we are driving in the car the other day...(S), DW, and I and on our way to the store to get new tap shoes and ballet slippers for (S). Dance starts next week and last year's shoes are a little too small.

(S) is in the back seat and she is always making up games to play. This time, she decided we were going to have a talent show and first we would have the tryouts. Each of us had to make up our own song and sing it. I knew this was going to be my chance. I have never sung in a talent show before, but this was make believe. I knew I would make this one.

DW made up her song and sang it. DW dosen't sing all that well, but apparently (S) liked it and said that was very good. Then it was my turn.

I started singing and making up the words as I went along and actually was going pretty well. I was about 12 or 16 measures into the song when (S) says...

"That song is no good. It is off the list"

I was astonished. I asked her what she meant and she went further to say that I couldn't be in the talent show as my song was not good.

I'm so sad. I thought this was my chance to finally make a talent show. I guess my talents are better served elsewhere.

I never had any belief that I could sing that well, but I figured I could at least get into a make-believe talent show.

I guess not

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  1. LOL; sorry, better luck next time (if there is a next time) :)