Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adding to the Family

We had a visit last week from the cw and we are not getting any closer to adding (S) legally to our family, but that hasn't stopped the clan from growing.

We will be adding 3 new members to our family on Saturday. (A), my oldest bio daughter is getting married on Saturday. Family is coming from all across the country (well, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Texas anyway) to witness the event. The good news is we don't only get a new son-in-law and uncle for (S), but she is also gaining a niece and a nephew!

That is because (A)'s fiance comes with 2 BONUS grandchildren for us!! (T) and (H). (T) is 14 and (H) is 11.

I am so excited but alas there is so much to do, I am not sure there will be much blogging going on. On the other hand, there will be plenty of things to blog about, so I will either find time, or get behind and have to catch you all up on everything that has happened after the fact.

It is all good news though. It has always been about family with us, and what better celebration of family is there than a wedding? Well, maybe an adoption is just as good, but we will have one of those at some point this year too!!!

Well, I have to go bake brownies for company and then do some more cleaning and I am sure DW will be coming up with plenty more for me to do.

By the way, my son (B) is the one who comes from Alabama and he got here today. It is so good to see him. Since he lives so far away we don't get to see him often enough....glad your home son! Tomorrow we play golf together.


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